Live Resin Carts vs Live Rosin Carts – Differences

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Many of the best cannabis vape carts in Denver, CO are made with either live resin or live rosin. Many customers, both medical and recreational, naturally gravitate to these vape carts because of their profound flavor and more balanced effects.

Even though resin and rosin are only differentiated textually by one tiny vowel, these two cannabis extracts are actually quite different from one another. Therefore, the difference between line resin vs live rosin carts is worth knowing when trying to personalize your overall experience to your own preferences. Take a look at a full breakdown of live rosin vs live resin carts below.


A Closer Look at Live Resin vs Live Rosin Carts

When you pick up a cannabis vape cart at the dispensary, what you are getting is a cartridge filled with some type of cannabis extract. Essentially, a cannabis extract is an oil taken from the plant that has been refined to remove the bulk of plant matter. While there are a handful of different extracts used to make vape carts, live resin and live rosin are two of the most common.

Both live resin and rosin have exceptional terpene profiles. Therefore, vapes made with either are both aromatic and flavorful, much like the best cannabis strains in flower form. Yet, the two are different when it comes to how they are created and even their overall quality in some cases. Read on to get an understanding of live resin vs rosin.

First, what does “live” mean in terms of resin and rosin?

The word “live” shows up a lot in the world of cannabis extracts. This word essentially means the extract is taken from a live plant. When cannabis flower is harvested, many processors will immediately move on to curing the buds. The curing process involves allowing some of the moisture to leave the plant and waiting for a peak point where the plant can be preserved for shelf stability.

However, when processors make live extracts, the extract is taken from the plant immediately before any of the flavorful terpenes have had a chance to evaporate. Therefore, a live resin or rosin is an extract that is taken from a plant that has just been harvested. This leads to a more aromatic, chemically robust extract.

What is live resin?

Live resin is a type of cannabis extract that is taken from freshly harvested buds using a combination of flash-freezing and refinement with chemical solvents. The cannabis buds are placed into a cryo-chamber of sorts that immediately freezes the plant. Hydrocarbon extraction using chemical solvents is then conducted to separate the trichomes containing the terpenes and cannabinoids from the plant material. The extract is then further refined until you have a thick, sticky resin that is often encapsulated in vape cartridges.

What is live rosin?

Live rosin is considered an extract that retains as much integrity as possible in comparison to the natural cannabis bud. The rosin is not created using chemical solvents; instead; buds are flash-frozen and an ice water bath is used to gently pull the trichomes from the cannabis plant. These trichomes are then pressed and heated to create the oily amber rosin, which may be placed into cannabis cartridges. It is not uncommon for some people to try to make their own versions of rosin at home. Even though the process is time-consuming, it is an easy process that does not require a lot of equipment.

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Live Resin vs Rosin Carts – The Key Differences

So, both live resin and live rosin carts contain a high-quality extract from cannabis that contains a full spectrum of plant chemicals. Both extracts can be highly potent and insanely flavorful. While live rosin and live resin can be similar, there are key differences to keep in mind:

  • Live resin is not a solventless extract, while live rosin is created without any solvents at all
  • Live resin can be less time-consuming to make, while making live rosin can be a labor-intensive process
  • Live resin is often a little more affordable than live rosin

Find All the Best Cannabis Carts at AMCH

Both live resin and live rosin carts offer a vaping experience that more closely mimics smoking traditional cannabis flower. However, some people naturally prefer one type of extract over the other. Regardless of whether you prefer live resin or live rosin vapes, we’ve got you covered at AMCH. Be sure to explore our extensive collection of cannabis vapes made from well-tested, high-quality extracts produced by the best brands in the state.


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