Finding The Best Dispensaries in Colorado (20223)

Looking for a recreational or medical dispensary in Colorado?

Finding The Best Dispensaries in Colorado (2023)

Colorado was one of the first states in the country to go recreationally legal in 2012 long after going medical in 2000. After over two decades of medical and recreational weed sales, Colorful Colorado offers one of the most diverse crops of cannabis dispensaries.

Whether you’re trekking through Denver, exploring the Eastern Plains, or west of the Continental Divide, finding the best dispensaries in Colorado is never hard. Below is your guide to finding the best dispensary in Colorado in 2023 no matter which region you’re visiting.

Best Dispensaries in the Denver Region

Alternative Medicine Capitol Hill (AMCH) in Denver, CO

Type: Recreational and Medical

AMCH is easily the best dispensary in Denver Colorado 2023. We are located less than a mile from the capitol building in Denver – and we have some of the best reviews of any dispensary in the region. AMCH has actually been listed as one of Denver’s premier cannabis dispensaries since we opened our doors in 2009.

Our dispensary serves both medical and recreational customers with an extensive lineup of highly sought-after flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, and more. And, veterans always get a discount and daily specials are hard to beat. Reviewers say they would go out of their way to go to AMCH thanks to customer service, being pup-friendly, and offering unbeatable deals. Take a look at a few other factors that make AMCH the best Denver dispensary.

Over a Decade of Experience

One of the reasons we are considered the best dispensary Denver has to offer is our extensive experience. By all rights, cannabis is still a new industry, and all newcomers have growing pains along the way. Since we opened our doors in 2009, we’ve grown more experienced in what our customers actually want. Not only do we strive to provide top-notch customer service, we keep our pricing competitive, offer special savings opportunities, and work with only the best product suppliers.

The Best Cannabis Brand Availability

After well over a decade as a retailer in the cannabis industry, we’ve cultivated one of the most impressive collections of the best cannabis products. We offer an extensive collection of premium flower in favorite strains, such as Ice Cream Cake and Purple Cookies. Our menu is created with hand-selected, brand-name products that are some of the highest sought-after in the state, such as:

If you are looking for a specific product and don’t see it on our menu, be sure to ask one of our budtenders about availability. If at all possible, we will help you find the brands and products that you want as our dispensary customer.

A Dedication to the Best Weed Education

At AMCH, we strive to make sure every newcomer to cannabis and cannabis enthusiast has access to reliable information about weed. We are always eager to answer questions when you stop in. So, if you want to know something about the best marijuana strains or products for sleep, what potency you should choose, or otherwise, feel free to ask. Our team is well-versed in cannabis and always eager to share their knowledge where it is needed. You can also get information about different strains, the difference in certain cannabinoids, and more on the AMCH blog.

The Best Dispensary in Denver Colorado 2023 for Extracts

If you’re all about finding the best cannabis extracts, AMCH is the best Denver dispensary to visit. Our dispensary was even called out by Westword for being one of the top five places to get your hands on old-school hash. By the way, the reason we were included was due to our well-known bubble hash, as well as the fact that the menu always offers an extensive collection of new and old-style extracts.

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The Green Solution Dispensary in Edgewater, CO

Type: Recreational and Medical

The Green Solution is just outside Denver in Edgewater, but they also have several other dispensaries planted in different parts of the state. The Green Solution continually gets high remarks from customers because they have such an extensive inventory, including flower, vapes, and concentrates from top brands. And, even though their prices can be a little higher than a few other Denver area dispensaries, The Green Solution does offer a 10 percent discount for online orders, special discounts daily, and loyalty rewards for added savings.

Best Dispensaries in the Colorado Western Slope Region

The Doobie Sisters Recreational Dispensary in Cortez, CO

Type: Recreational

The Doobie Sisters is a smaller recreational dispensary in the Western Slope region, but their commitment to customer service exceeds many larger locations in the area. Customer reviews mention that, just as the brand promises, this is the place to go if you want a welcoming atmosphere and have questions. The dispensary offers a nice selection of flower, pre-rolls, edibles, and tinctures, as well as daily weed deals and staff picks for extra savings.

Colorado Weedery in Palisade, CO

Type: Recreational

Colorado Weedery was the first recreational dispensary opened in Palisade in 2017. Their inventory includes just about anything you could want, right down to topical cannabis products and smoking accessories, and the store has a loyalty program for added savings. Visitors who have left reviews mention that Colorado Weedery has excellent prices and an extensive inventory.

Best Dispensaries in the Colorado Springs Region

Maggie’s Farm Marijuana Dispensary in Manitou Springs, CO

Type: Recreational

Maggie’s Farm dispensary in Manitou Springs is a recreational-only weed shop, but they do have a medical-only shop in Colorado Springs city limits. In either place, diversity of product is considered great, and Maggie’s Farm has thousands of five-star reviews from happy customers. The atmosphere of the dispensary is warm nd inviting with a vintage industrial vibe.

LivWell Enlightened Health Marijuana Dispensary in Colorado Springs, CO

Type: Medical

LivWell Enlightened Health is one of the oldest dispensaries in the state. The Colorado Springs location serves medical patients only, but the large building houses one of the most impressive collections of well-known strains and brands. Even though LivWell’s hours are not as generous as some places in the area, the dispensary gets rave reviews about pricing and customer service.

Best Dispensaries in the Eastern Plains Region

Better Green Recreational Dispensary in Las Animas, CO

Type: Recreational

Better Green is a conservatively sized dispensary in the Eastern Plains, and the place is relatively new. Nevertheless, the dispensary serves up one of the largest collections of cannabis products in the area, prides itself on customer education, and has pretty awesome savings opportunities every day of the week.

High Plainz Strains Dispensary in Sedwick, CO

Type: Recreational

High Plainz is planted in the Northeastern plains of Colorado. With daily Happy Hour and new specials every day, High Plain has gained a good reputation for being one of the more affordable stops for quality cannabis. The building itself is large and roomy, and reviewers consistently mention phenomenal prices as a friendly staff.

Best Dispensaries in the Southern Colorado Region

Beleaf Wellness Center in San Luis, CO

Type: Recreational

Beleaf Wellness is one of the few Colorado dispensaries that cultivates most of its own flower, and it is also one of the few dispensaries in the San Luis region. The store itself is said to be clean and easy to browse with an impressively upbeat atmosphere. Even though Beleaf doesn’t yet offer online ordering, reviewers claim the staff is quick to help you out with whatever you need.

Elevated Recreations Recreational Dispensary in Romeo, CO

Type: Recreational

Elevated Recreations is on Main Street in Romeo, CO, is open until 10pm every night, and is said to have one of the friendliest environments of any dispensary the south. Even though the dispensary is relatively new, they have established a reputation for high-quaity products, excellent prices, and knowledgeable staff.

How’d We Decide Who Has the Best Dispensary in Colorado?

Rest assured, we really wanted to make sure to give you a good collection of both medical and recreational dispensaries in the state of Colorado. Therefore, we did a lot of legwork to wade through specifics and track down the right locations from all over the state. To create this list of the best dispensaries in Colorado, we combed through a lot of information, including customer review data, product selection, location atmosphere, deals and offers, and more.

Planning to visit Denver? Be sure to check out our online menu at AMCH—we’d love to see you here!

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