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From smooth Indicas that help with sleep to Sativas to help you power through the day, you can find the best vape carts in Colorado. Not sure which brands or picks deliver the best experience? We’ve got a list of the best vape disposables and carts in Denver to narrow down your choices.

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The 5 Best Vape Carts in Colorado

1. Galactic Gummy Cosmic Cart from Cosmos

  • THC: 91.3%
  • Lineage: Hybrid

If you’re looking for the best THC carts in Colorado in terms of potency, the Galactic Gummy Cart from Cosmos is a superior pick. A new product from Cosmos with the same high-quality cannabis distillate, Galactic Gummy provides loads of sweet flavor. The effects can only be described as a nice mix between mild energetic stimulation and relaxing happiness.

2. Lost Tribe Rosin Cart from Canyon Cultivation

  • THC: 78.9%
  • Lineage: Hybrid

Rosin vape carts give you the familiar flavors from the strain with terpenes still intact. And, the Lost Tribe Rosin Cart from Canyon Cultivation is the perfect example of what a rosin cart should be. These carts are made with full-spectrum live rosin from a single strain, and the Lost Tribe pick will leave you physically relaxed, and mentally giddy.

3. Strawberry Creme Pax Pod

  • THC: 85%
  • Lineage: Sativa

Pax always delivers top-shelf strains transformed into unparalleled vapes that easily get names as the best vape carts in Colorado. The Strawberry Crème Pax Pod is undeniably one of the most popular choices with its flavor that tastes like fresh strawberries wrapped in whipped cream. The effects from this vape are just as sweet and satisfying with a noteworthy focused, inspirational lift that leaves you happy and calm.

4. Master Kush Cart from Magnitude

  • THC: 78.66%
  • Lineage: Indica

For Indica lovers, the Master Kush Cart from Magnitude never disappoints. Magnitude uses top-quality extracts and only natural terpenes to create a truly botanical vaping experience. Master Kush is rich and smooth with a hint of spice and leaves you utterly relaxed and ready for good sleep.

5. Super Lemon Haze Live Resin Cart from Natty Rems

  • THC: 75.7%
  • Lineage: Sativa

If you’re looking for a classic strain in the form of a terpene-rich vape, the Super Lemon Haze Live Resin Cart from Natty Rems is a go-to. With loads of citrus flavor, this vape comes across as authentic as the flower itself to leave you uplifted, energetic, and content.

What About the Best Vape Pens in Colorado?

Check out some of the best disposable vape pens in Colorado:

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