The 5 Best THC Drinks in Colorado

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THC-infused drinks in Colorado have grown to be one of the most preferred ways to consume edible cannabis. Cannabis drinks are faster-acting and offer a scalable experience, which is unique in the world of edibles. If you’re in Denver, you should have no trouble finding Colorado’s best THC-infused beverages. Check out our picks for the best THC drinks and infused beverage items from AMCH.


The Best THC Infused Drinks in Colorado

1. Keef Sparkling H2O

Keef is easily recognized as one of the best brands of cannabis beverages in Denver, CO. One of the latest additions to the lineup is Keef’s Sparkling H2O beverages. With flavors like Blackberry Coconut, Blood Orange, and Cranberry Lime Life, you may have difficulty picking your favorite. Each Keef Sparkling H2O is formulated with either 10 or 100mg of THC. The 10mg drinks are great for sipping, while the 100mg bottles work well for microdosing throughout the day.

2. Canyon Cultivation Nitro

Coffee lovers, rejoice! The Nitro drink appeals to fans of coffee flavors blended with their favorite cannabis strains. The sativa beverage contains 10mg of THC per serving and comes infused with cannabis oil. Drink chilled straight from the can or mix with your preferred milk. Effects of the coffee drink include happiness, boosted energy levels, and high levels of creativity.

3. Ripple Pure THC

With Ripple Pure THC, you can enjoy cannabis mixed into your favorite foods and beverages. Each packet contains 10mg of THC in dissolvable powder form. The fast-acting dissolvable has no harsh taste and mixes well with anything from water to coffee. You could also use it for any edible recipes you want to create.

4. Keef Colas

Another excellent pick from Keef, Keef THC-Infused Sodas come in familiar flavors everyone knows and loves like Cola, Orange Soda, Root Beer, and Diet Cola. Each 12 oz. can of Keef Soda contains 10mg of THC, no caffeine, and loads of refreshing flavor. The Bubba Kush Root Beer from Keef was actually once voted as the Best Edible in the High Times Cannabis Cup.

5. Ripple Sleep and Revive

Ripple produces fast-acting dissolvable concentrates formulated for better sleep or more energy. Revive comes with an equal amount of CBG and THC. The concentrate helps you feel calm and relaxed while also boosting your energy. Ripple’s Sleep includes 5mg of CBN and 10mg of THC per dose. The concentrate promises up to two times faster sleep. Mix either of the powders with your favorite beverages.

Find the Best THC Drinks Colorado Has to Offer at AMCH

Whether you’re looking for the best weed drinks, beverage enhancers, or otherwise, you can find an excellent selection at AMCH Denver. Our dispensary menu is built with only the most preferred and trusted edibles, including the best THC drinks. Be sure to look at our online shop to see what cannabis beverages we have available before you visit.


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