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Making plans to have the best 420? Every year, cannabis enthusiasts rejoice when the day rolls back around, partially because they can openly celebrate their love of cannabis and partially because the 420 dispensary deals are incredible. So, what is 4/20 exactly, where did it start, and what kind of deals can you expect? Find out all the details below.

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The Origins of 4/20 – What is 420?

The meaning of 420 may be slightly different depending on who you ask. However, most people know “420” to be used in reference to April 20th. April 20th became the unofficial holiday for cannabis enthusiasts to celebrate and share their love of cannabis several years ago. The origins of 4/20 are not as clear-cut as one would expect.

Several rumored origin stories are out there that involve everything from a group of friends who smoked every day at the same time to the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, and other pop culture references. No matter where it began, 4/20 is now a day of cannabis celebration that even boasts several massive events in cannabis-legal states.

420 Dispensary Deals in Denver


At AMCH, we are well-known for providing some of the best dispensary deals in Denver. However, with April 20th just around the bend, we are ramping up our usual discounts and have some major savings opportunities in the works. From big savings on everything from eighths and ounces of flower to tinctures, you’ll see a full collection of ways to save on your favorite brands in Colorado.

While we haven’t got all the details just yet, a few 4/20 weed discounts you can expect to see at AMCH include:

4/20 Events in Denver

Several local establishments will be hosting events on 4/20, so Denver is the place to be if you’re looking for a true celebration. For example, the Mile High 420 Festival will be held at the Civic Center Park on Saturday from 1 to 10 pm. There is also a 4/20 Punk Fest at East Fax Tap and several other smaller events happening around the area.

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As you make plans to celebrate 4/20, be sure to plan a visit to AMCH in Denver. We’ll have good dispensary deals for 420 on both our medical and recreational menus. So be sure to take a look at the menus online to get the inside scoop about all upcoming savings and 4/20 events.

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