Wyld Gummies: Reviews, FAQs, Where to Buy in CO

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Posted on August 26th, 2022 to Brands

Looking for Wyld Gummies in Colorado?

We can’t say we’re surprised. People love them and have given positive reviews. WYLD Gummies are revolutionary cannabis-enhanced edibles made from real fruit ingredients and come in a variety of flavors to tantalize your taste buds. AMCH medical and recreational dispensary in Denver invites us to see what Wyld Gummies we’re serving up on the menu.

10 Wyld Gummies to Get Wild About

Featuring on the product lineup are 10 iconic and affordable edibles for euphoria, relief, calm, and other effects:

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Wyld Gummies FAQs

As expected, consumers usually want to know who owns Wyld Gummies, how strong are Wyld gummies, and much more.

Who makes Wyld Gummies?

Wyld, a business founded by CEO, Aaron Morris, in 2015, is the innovator of the Wyld Gummies brand. The company is based in Tumalo, Oregon. It trades as Wyld CBD and Wild Canna and is considered one of the best-known edible producers in the cannabis industry.

How are Wyld Gummies Made?

The makers are able to craft these iconic edibles by blending cannabis extracts with unique botanical terpenes. Special techniques are used to formulate the THC candies to ensure consistent dosing and flavor in every batch.

Are Wyld Gummies vegan?

Yes. Wyld is committed to providing a safe and healthy cannabis experience to all consumers through the use of all-natural ingredients.

How many Wyld Gummies should I eat?

10 pieces (servings) of flavorful chewable totaling 50mg or 100mg THC are packaged in a sophisticated little box. That’s 5mg or 10mg per serving depending on your selection. Producers of cannabis gummies typically recommend starting with a smaller dose, e.g., half serving (2.5mg/or less), to assess your body’s response.

How long do Wyld Gummies take to kick in?

According to Wyld Canna’s website, it can take 15-45 minutes and up to about 90 mins for the effects to be noticeable. It all depends on the user’s sensitivity to weed. The strain type (indica, sativa, or hybrid) also influences the experience. Some Wyld gummies are also infused with “minor cannabinoids” to help enhance the THC effects.

Wyld Gummies Users Review

Wondering why consumers are going wild for these THC-infused gummies? First, the bold, fruity flavors awaken the taste buds, then the effects kick in. Users provided feedback on reputable websites, including Forbes and Weedmaps. In the words of reviewers of the Raspberry Sativa Enhanced Gummies 50mg, “…the sativa effects are spot on.” “For seasoned edible fans or newbies I highly recommend Wyld.” “The dosage is perfect for an active, clear mind.”

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Where to Buy Wyld Gummies in Colorado

Are you living in or near Denver, CO, or passing through the city? Alternative Medicine Capitol Hill is well stocked with all the Wyld flavors. Order online for pickup or shop in-store. Our dispensary is conveniently located at 1301 N Marion Street.

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