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What are Packspods?

Packspods are state of the art rechargeable, disposable vapes that offer great taste. The all-new Packspod disposable device contains 12 milliliters in each, along with live resin and high quality terpenes. The Packspod comes in fruity and dessert flavors in a special hand-held pod. No buttons are required to operate the vape and one draw activates the disposable vape’s firing system. This device is designed to be easy to use, offering great flavors, potent THC products and an easy to maintain product.

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Who makes Packspods?

Packspods are produced by Packwoods, a Los Angeles-based cannabis company that has gained recognition for its premium products since it was founded in 2017. The brand’s emphasis is on purity and quality, which it achieves through blending potent strains with two grams of indoor flower to create Packwoods’ Packspods and classic blunts. Yes, you can believe these products are the real deal, filled with real weed.

How strong are Packspods?

Packwoods uses a proprietary blend of Live Resin and terpenes, ensuring that all of its vape products are potent, consistent, pure, and value driven. This is what allows our consumers to have the utmost premium flavor experience possible. If you are new to Packspods, start slow with your disposable vape. Take a couple of hits and wait about 15 minutes before doing more to see how it feels.

What flavors are Packspods available in?


The Packspods THC Disposables come in 12 delicious flavors. Whether iced or fruity, there is something for everyone.

  • Banana Flambe (Arctic Banana) – An amazing Icy banana frost
  • Black Cherry Gelato (Cherry Pop) – Reminiscent of your favorite cherry cola
  • Blue Slurpee (Blue Razz Ice) – Wonderful icy treat
  • Gelato Freeze (Cool Mint) – Great cool mint flavor
  • Guava Bubblegum – Fantastic tropical fruit flavor rush
  • Jelly Dulce (Grape) – Candy pop taste of grapes
  • Marshmallow Fluff (Sweet Cloud) – A little more on the light side, sweet and airy
  • Miami Haze (Watermelon Freeze) – Simple Watermelon Ice we all know and love
  • Orange Creamsicle (Orange Burst) – Delicious sweetness of oranges, with the combination of cream
  • Rainbow Sorbet (Berry Blasted Mango) – Reminds you of your favorite tropical smoothie
  • Sour Gushers (Jungle Juice) – Wild mix of tropical fruits
  • Unicorn Sherbert (Kiwi Strawberry) – Sweet yet tart strawberries, mixed with Kiwi

Packwoods FAQs

What is different about Packwoods cannabis products?

Packwoods cannabis includes multiple layers of potency, the result of adding strain-specific extract and matching cannabis crystals on the outside of its pre-rolls. Packwoods is also known for its glass tip “Glass Cone Joints” and freshness plugs placed on the mouthpiece when they are not used. The pre-rolls are hand-rolled and ready to enjoy when purchased.

Packspods Reviews

One of the first things that draws the attention of reviewers about Packspod disposable vape is the cool look. This LA brand gets great reviews for its stunning display box and a device that looks like flavor is oozing from it. This gives the product a premium feel. The large selection of flavors in a mashup of bold and delicious are the result of exciting ingredients. The flavors pop with each inhale, often described as loud and memorable. These disposable vapes also standout for their ability to be recharged. That’s a big plus for some reviewers who note that the device uses fast USB Type-C charging, and the battery has a large 1,400mAh capacity, helping to extend its life. The premium mesh coil also gets high marks for how it unleashes the full flavor of the high-quality terpenes, with good airflow in a vape that hits well from the first inhale to the last.

Where to Buy Packspods Disposable, Rechargeable Products in Denver

Packspod’s disposable, rechargeable vapes are sold in a number of states, including in Colorado. Alternative Medicine Capitol Hill in Denver features Packspod vapes at its dispensary just blocks away from the state capitol.

Buy Packspod Disposable, Rechargeable Vapes at Alternative Medicine Capitol Hill

At Alternative Medicine Capitol Hill, or AMCH for short, we offer our customers the best cannabis at the best prices. That’s why we are proud to offer Packspods now in Colorado. Our goal is to offer the best quality products to our customers, including cannabis flower, pre-rolls, edibles, topicals, concentrates, tinctures, beverages and CBD products. Our weed store has grown from a medical marijuana dispensary when we opened in 2009 into one of the largest single recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensaries today in the Denver city limits.

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