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Veritas Fine Cannabis

Licensed in 2014, Mike Leibowitz and Toby Ripsom combined forces from prior experience in the Colorado cannabis market to create Veritas Fine Cannabis. Veritas started growing cannabis with legalization in 2009 and received the first wholesale-only grow license in Colorado in 2014. The company, which focuses on cultivating premium cannabis flowers, features a small-batch growing process built on the idea that it can get more for less from its growing facility. Ripsom oversees the finance and corporate operations, while Leibowitz handles the product and cultivation sides. They share all other responsibilities.


Veritas Fine Cannabis Reviews

I I tried the first cut sour melons. Extremely tasty but deadly. Top 3 smokes I have ever had. One of the other ones was Apple Fritter as well.

Electronic_Kale9518 Review via Reddit

The cure was good for a first cut. The smell and appearance is there. It’s crisp/dense compared to airy/moist. Worth trying if you're an Oreoz fan.

Dr0zo Review via Reddit

I'd heard from more than a few industry sources that Colorado had the best cannabis, and after my parlay with Veritas Fine Cannabis, I agree.

Brianna Wheeler Review via Weedmaps

Veritass Fine Cannabis:

Product Specs

The Veritas cannabis line now includes:

  • Veritas flower
    • Joint Tins: A collectable joint tin containing three 1 g Veritas joints and a lighter.
    • Infused Joints: Contain 1 g of Veritas flower and 0.25 g of Ice Hash.
    • First Cut: A unique line of first-time Veritas cannabis strains for connoisseurs to sample.
    • Dime Jar: Ten grams of hand-trimmed, quality petite mugs from premium flowers.
    • Premium 1/8th Jars: Signature black jar for freshness, filled with quality Veritas flower.
    • Premium Pre-Rolls: Expertly rolled joints with 1 g flower of great taste and a slow burn.

Veritas FAQs

Who makes Veritas products?

The two friends, Mike Leibowitz and Toby Ripsom, developed the idea of building an independent cultivation facility that is not linked to a specific dispensary or that serves as a white-label product. The team created a proprietary growing process to yield high-quality cannabis that would become the industry standard in branding.

What is different about Veritas products?

Veritas relies on a 24,000- square-foot growing facility that uses small rooms that emulate the small home growing process to produce better flowers. Unlike large facilities that use large flowering rooms, the Veritas way uses 16 grow rooms of about 600 to 700 square feet each, with 20 to 30 flowering lights in each room to serve about 100 plants in each space. These smaller grow rooms allow for a better method to harvest, thoroughly clean and cultivate in a way that easily replicates the best quality for cannabis harvest through the small-batch method of growing from a genetic library that includes more than 50 proprietary strains. The keen focus on seed-to-sale allows Veritas to produce a collection of hand-trimmed, terpene-focused flower strains.

Where to Buy Veritas in Colorado

Veritas Fine Cannabis products are sold in Colorado dispensaries, including Alternative Medicine Capitol Hill in Denver.

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