Top 7 Best Edibles in Denver, Colorado 2023

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Finding the best edibles in Colorado is not a challenge with so many yummy, potent picks on dispensary menus. To help you track down some of the best, we’ve pulled together a list of some of the best edibles in Denver 2023 has to offer.
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The Best Edibles in Denver 2023

1. Coda Signature Fruit Notes

Coda Signature Fruit Notes is a new take on classic cannabis gummies with natural ingredients, upscale flavors, and cannabinoid combination choices. Coda Signature Fruit Notes are available in a long list of options, including top picks like 1:1 Strawberry and Rhubarb or 2:1 Lychee and Cucumber.

2. Ripple Dissolvable Powder

One of the newest edibles in Denver, Ripple Dissolvable Powder gives you a dose of cannabinoids in an easy-breezy packet that you can add to just about anything. These packets can be used to enhance everything from your morning coffee to your favorite ice cream, or, they can simply be dissolved on the tongue for a quicker onset of effects.

3. DialedIn Gummies

Dialed In easily has one of the biggest selections of cannabis gummies on the Colorado market. You can find a flavor to please every taste bud imaginable with options like Kush Cake, Newton’s Apple, and Grapefruit Lemonade. Also, don’t forget to check out the newest addition, Dialed In Liquid Gummies.

4. Bosky Rosin Syrup

Imagine having your own little container of rosin syrup saturated with cannabinoids, terpenes, and loads of flavor. This is exactly what you get with Bosky’s Rosin Syrup. Each little bottle of magic gives you 100 milligrams of THC, which makes the syrup perfect for microdosing or using in your fave recipes without altering the flavor.

5. Keef Weed Drinks

Sippable weed drinks are quickly becoming known as the best edibles in Denver, and some brands stand all the way out. Dispensary customers adore the line of Keef cannabis sodas and drinks. Pick from familiar beverage favorites like Keef Coal or Bubba Kush Root Beer, or, go for something new like Keef Sparkling H2O Mango.

6. Cheeba Chews Taffy

Cheeba Chews have been around for a few years, but they are just as easy to appreciate. Get your hands on crowd-pleasers like Indica Strawberry Taffy or Sativa Chocolate Taffy and you get 100 mg of THC in each taffy bar.

7. Koala Edibles Chocolate Bars

The combination of chocolate and weed is simply divine, and Koala uses this divinity to create some of the best edibles in Denver. The brand’s line of chocolate bars includes picks like the Cookies n Cream Bar and the Chocolate Turtle Bar, both of which are melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

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From the classics like chocolates and gummies to the newcomers like THC drinks and syrups, you can always find the best edibles in Denver at AMCH. We have built our inventory based on what people request the most and which brands simply do things right. Be sure to explore our online menu to see what edible brands we have available for pickup.

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