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TasteBudz is a Colorado-based cannabis company that specializes in hand-selected strains and in-house extraction, creating a premium cannabis experience. The company creates single-source, solventless extracts and concentrates that are true-to-the-plant and deliver the distinctive benefits of each unique strain. It boasts its terpene and cannabinoid profiles of the strains sold, urging customers to use these to inform future product selection.

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Product Line

The TasteBudz product line consists of:

  • Rosin Original Gummies: A real strain-specific gummy available in fruit flavors
  • Cannabinoid-Suite Gummies: Intentionally crafted gummies to bring you the elevated benefits of functional cannabinoids
  • Medical Gummies: Higher concentration gummies crafted for medical marijuana patients.
  • Live Rosin Vaporizer: Cutting-edge vapes and a full gram of live rosin extracted from fresh frozen cannabis
  • Live Rosin Cartridge: First press 73-119u, stabilized in an oxygen free environment to maximize terpene preservation, in a versatile 510 threaded format.

What is different about TasteBudz products?

TasteBudz offers a gummy with a full spectrum oil extracted by always using single source strain specific cannabis in each one of the delicious available flavors. This enables consumers and patients to pick the specific strains that work best for them rather than relying on food terpenes to make their edibles sativa or indica. TasteBudz promotes the importance of improving consumer and patient access to holistic products that are really true to the plant and each cultivars unique benefits. TasteBudz gummies are handcrafted from scratch in small batches to ensure the most enjoyable and delicious experience possible. The company’s gummies are made in-house with its proprietary full spectrum CO2 oil extract. The fundamental belief that quality-in means quality-out is a standard function promoted at TasteBudz. Unlike other edible companies, TasteBudz sources all of its cannabis and ingredients to ensure the highest quality both in gummies and the underlying extracts that it produces in-house and infuses its products with. All of its in-house extractions use inputs with no non-organic herbicides, fungicides or pesticides.

TasteBudz Reviews

Reviews for TasteBudz highlight the flavor of the company’s gummies, in addition to its strain-specific options. The reviews reference the potency of the TasteBudz products, including the strain-specific gummies. The product’s effects start slowly without a harsh punch, and can linger for hours beyond the peak experience. Some reviews caution to sample the TasteBudz products carefully until you are comfortable with the potency.

Alternative Medicine on Capitol Hill

Where to TasteBudz in Denver?

TasteBudz is sold in Colorado dispensaries, including Alternative Medicine Capitol Hill (AMCH) in Denver.

Buy Taste Budz Products at AMCH

Alternative Medicine Capitol Hill offers TasteBudz and other cannabis companies’ products that promote its mission of offering cannabis as a wellness option for its customers. At AMCH, the mission is focused on making life’s journey better through premium cannabis products. AMCH makes a commitment to clients that it will always seek the highest quality cannabis products for wellness, whether it be for medical or recreational use.

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