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Smokiez is a Colorado-based cannabis company founded in 2010 by a family that sold their proprietary polka dot-shaped fruit chews out of their first medical marijuana dispensary. The father, daughter and son team that started Smokiez focused on their popular fruit chews made with high clarity extract. Marketed as wellness products, their Smokiez edibles took off and ended up in more than 1,000 dispensaries throughout Colorado, Washington and Oregon by 2018, and now are sold in Massachusetts, Maine, Florida, California, Nevada, Oklahoma, Missouri, Ohio and Michigan.


Smokiez Reviews

So today I decided to try the edibles in our medical program. I’ve had edibles once or twice years ago and didn’t do much to me. I decided to give them a try again. So I got 2 Smokiez strawberry lemonade gummies the bud tender advised to start low and move up. So that’s what I did I ate half a gummy and boy…… I’ve been medicated for over 4 hours already I definitely think these are gonna be in my routine from now on.

FLMedicalTrees Review via Reddit

I too like the Smokiez effects and they taste really good too.

Open_Course_6274 Review via Reddit

The peach ones are amazing! I never saw this brand before but it’s been popping up in the dispos I frequent.

Fizzeek Review via Reddit

Smokiez Gummies:

Product Line

The Smokiez product line consists of THC and CBD selections.

  • Smokiez Gummies – Hemp and cannabis infused 1:1 fruit chews, 100mg CBG/100mg THC
  • Smokiez Frut Chews – Cannabis infused fruit chews in sweet and sour profiles, 5mg THC each
  • Smokiez Syrup – Cannabis infused 1:1 syrup, 100mg CBD/100mg THC
  • Smokiez Live Resin Gummies – Cannabis infused fruit chews in sweet and sour profiles, 5mg THC each
  • Smokiez CBD Gummies – CBD gummies in five fruit flavors, 25mg CBD each

Smokiez FAQs

What is different about Smokiez products?

Smokies makes high quality edibles that are great tasting and produced with the company’s proprietary High Clarity Extract™. Its gummies, fruit chews, and hard candies are 100% Gluten free. The majority of its chocolates are also gluten free, with the exception of White Chocolate Cookies and Cream. Smokiez also offers a line of

What is the shelf life of all Smokiez products?

All Smokiez Edibles products have a minimum of a one-year shelf life.

Are Smokiez products vegan friendly?

Not all Smokiez products are vegan. The products that are vegan include Gummiez, Fruit Chews and Hard Candies. The company notes that it works hard to prevent cross contamination in the manufacturing process with the non-vegan product offerings.

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Where to Buy Smokiez in Colorado?

Smokiez products are sold in 12 states, including its home state of Colorado at Alternative Medicine Capitol Hill (AMCH) in Denver.

Buy Smokiez Cannabis Products at AMCH

AMCH offers products from Smokiez and other cannabis companies that promote its mission of offering cannabis as a wellness option for its customers. At AMCH, the mission is focused on making life’s journey better through premium cannabis products. AMCH makes a commitment to clients that it will always seek the highest quality cannabis products as a wellness remedy.

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Our medical and recreational cannabis dispensary offers superior customer service in a relaxing environment.

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