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Sirona Cultivated produces transdermal patches that combine the effects of THC and CBD to provide fast pain relief that lasts up to 12 hours. When the transdermal patches are applied to the skin, the cannabis ingredients enter the bloodstream through transdermal delivery to offer discreet and long-lasting relief. The transdermal patches are offered in three different dosages.


Sirona Cultivated Reviews

There’s a patch in a few stores called Sirona that’s 40 mg total and costs the same as Mary’s. They’re pretty awesome.

Switch4U8569 Review via Reddit

Far superior to edibles. Edibles kick in too slow and when they do it’s 0-100. The onset of the patches is more immediate and the effects kick in gradually/less noticeably. Patches don’t make me sleepy like edibles do.

Sirona Cultivated:

Product Line

The Sirona Cultivated product line now includes:

  • Transdermal Cannabis Patch:

Sirona FAQs

What is different about Sirona products?

Sirona focuses exclusively on its line of pain-relieving transdermal patches that combine CBD and THC in different dosages, but vary in the amount of ingredients that produce psychoactive effects typically associated with cannabis products. The combination of CBD and THC in one product is based on studies that show a 1:1 ratio offers more relief than THC alone. CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a natural component found in cannabis that is generally considered the most medically beneficial cannabinoid within the cannabis plant. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC as it is more commonly known, is the psychoactive component found in cannabis that produces the effect of feeling high. Sirona blends these compounds together in a transdermal patch. When CBD and THC are activated together, they synergistically complement each other to deliver increased benefits.

How discreet is the Sirona transdermal patch?

The transdermal patches are essentially undetectable when worn under clothes. They have no aroma, do not produce eye redness and are comfortable on the skin.

How do Sirona transdermal patches deliver the right dose of pain relief?

Each transdermal is accurately dosed with a specific quantity of cannabinoids. The patch delivers the combination of CBD and THC through the skin where it is applied over a set period of time. The patches always contain the proper amount of cannabinoids and deliver those consistently into the bloodstream, with a mild onset of relief that lasts for hours.

Will the Sirona patch get me high?

Unlike smoking cannabis that offers a quicker onset of effects that wears off faster, the transdermal patch delivers a slow and mild dosage that lasts for hours. The higher the THC dosage, the more psychoactive effects.

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