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Packwoods is a cannabis brand from LA that specializes in making high-quality pre-packed joints, blunts, and vapes. Since Packwoods grows and cultivates its own strains, it has full control over every step of the manufacturing process, allowing the brand to offer more products at affordable prices.


Packwoods Reviews

I tried one with low expectations but was really pleasantly surprised. Now it’s the only vape I reach for as I’ve had no issues with them. I’ve tried the sour gushers, blue slurpee, guava, and the unicorn sherbet. All have had good flavors and get me stoned. The guava one I had lasted me 5 months even though I rip off of it most of the time.

Kooky-Past-8015 Review via Reddit

They are good, Very good hardware, big clouds and great flavor. personally The Sour Gushers and the Jelly dulce are my favorites.

WiKi_o Review via Reddit

I like it, good taste and it ripsss. That was one thing the package bragged about lol big clouds!! Lol Def a good uplifting feeling, felt a little anxious in the beginning but mellowed out as I was staying busy. I just love cool packaging!

BeardedAquaMan420 Review via Reddit


Product Line

While Packwoods collaborates with other cannabis brands from time to time, the company makes a wide assortment of pre-packed items. Here’s a rundown of what you can buy:

  • Packwoods Blunts – Typically, blunts are rolled in tobacco leaves, but Packs uses hemp instead. Each blunt is packed with premium flowers and a dash of concentrate for a smoother experience.
  • Packarillos – If a blunt is too much, you can opt for something thinner and easier to smoke on the go. Packarillos come in a set of three, and they’re perfect for when you need a quick hit. Each Packarillo is rolled in a hemp leaf.
  • Packwoods Heavies – For true cannabis enthusiasts, Packwoods Heavies are the largest blunt offered by the brand. Newbies need not apply, as these blunts pack a punch with a blend of flower, hash, and kief.
  • Glass Cone Joints – Despite the name, these blunts have a silicone tip that helps preserve freshness. Plus, the silicone dissipates heat so you can smoke the blunt all the way down.
  • Mini Bursts – When you just want a little bit of weed, a Mini Burst is the perfect accessory. These joints are rolled smaller and come with a terpene ball for a smoother smoking experience.
  • Packwoods Flowers – If you want to pack your own joints and blunts, you can buy the flowers directly.
  • Disposable Vapes – Packwoods sells a variety of fun-looking vapes with high-quality distillates and live resin.
  • Mini Disposable Vapes – If you don’t want too much concentrate, a mini dab will do ya.

Packwoods Cannabis FAQs

Where is Packwoods based?

Packwoods is based in Los Angeles, but it has farms and manufacturing plants across the United States.

Which states sell Packwoods products?

Packwoods is currently available in 13 states, including Washington, Montana, Michigan, New York, California, Nevada, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, Missouri, Mississippi, and Florida.

Packwoods Review

Because Packwoods has been around for so long, the company knows how to roll a quality blunt. Each product uses primo weed, not sticks and stems like other companies. The glass cone version is extra smooth, especially because of the added concentrates and kief. Most smokers love pulling from a Packwoods blunt.

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Where to Buy Packwoods Cannabis in Colorado?

Packwoods is very easy to find, especially because the brand is in so many different states. However, not all dispensaries carry all versions of Packs blunts, so you should call ahead to verify which options are available.

Buy Packwoods From AMCH in Denver, Colorado

At AMCH, we are committed to providing our customers with the best cannabis experience possible. We proudly sell Packwoods products to suit your needs, and we invite you to come to our dispensary to see what else we have to offer.

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