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Natty Rems

Natty Rems is a brand of THC live resin cartridges listed on our dispensary menu. The concentrated cannabis oil for the carts is extracted from high-quality flowers that are part of the merch line, including the infamous Natty Rems OG strain. The award-winning cannabis line was launched in 2009 by a company on a mission to provide premium-quality flower, concentrates, and cartridges to the Colorado market.

Natty Rems:

Product Specs

Cannabis Products by Natty Rems

In addition to the award-winning indica-dominant strain, Natty Rems OG, the brand owner cultivates over 50 other indica, sativa, and hybrid strains including these:

Natty Rems Flower (Strains)

  • Purple punch
  • Cherry cake
  • Sundae driver
  • Tripple diesel
  • Super lemon haze
  • Grape stomper
  • Wedding cake

Natty rems live resin cartridges (designed for use with Natty Rems vape)

  • Apple Fritter Live Resin Cart 1g
  • Cherry Cake Live Resin Cart 1g
  • Flo Driver Live Resin Cart 1g
  • Cherry Diesel Live Resin Cart 1g
  • Super Lemon Haze Live Resin Cart 1g
  • Motorbreath Gold Tip Live Resin Cartridge 1g

Check our menu for the full list of carts.

Natty Rems live budder, diamonds, sugar, and Natty Rems live resin gummies are other frequently-purchased merchandise. The gummies are flavored with two hybrid strains; Banana X Banana Kush and Grape X Grape Pie.

Natty Rems FAQs

Who makes Natty Rems products?

A company by the name of Natty Rems, formerly Natural Remedies. The family-owned and operated business has earned recognition within the cannabis industry for growing some of the most highly demanded strains.

How is Natty Rems live resin made?

The company uses 100% pure live resin from flowers grown in-house as the base for its cannabis products. Live resin is produced from flash-freezing fresh instead of dried flower. Flash-freezing using a single pass extraction process preserves the full spectrum of compounds, resulting in bolder flavors and higher potency.

Are Natty Rems vegan?

While the company places heavy emphasis on crafting the highest caliber cannabis and concentrates imaginable, their products aren’t labeled as “vegan.”

How potent are Natty Rems?

Each 1g live resin cart averages 57%-71% THC. The gummies are infused with 10mg THC each. The award-winning OG flower has about 21.82% THC.

What’s the dosage?

It depends. Begin with the smallest dose, as per general guidelines when consuming adult-use marijuana. For example, half (0.5 mg) gummy or 1 toke of the cart.

Natty Rems Review

Marijuana buds grown in-house by this company have received favorable feedback. Consumers agree that Natty Rems OG provides an overall mellow high. A Weedmaps reviewer confessed, saying, “…this is in my top 10 (out of probably 500 strains that I’ve tried).”

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