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Magnitude Cannabis

Magnitude cannabis is a lineup of high-quality vape cartridges. Magnitude carts are designed to deliver a smooth experience, thanks to their large tank sizes, quartz heating coil, and five large inlet chambers.


Magnitude Cannabis Reviews

Overall, 10 out of 10 experience. It has made been my mood stabilizer this whole week. I would almost 100% buy it again, especially at $35-$40 bucks.

HealingThroughMyPTSD Review via Reddit

I currently have the Super Lemon Haze cart, got mine on sale, I like it very much, strong energetic effects.

Kayloves420 Review via Reddit

Magnitude Cannabis:

Product Line

Who Makes Magnitude Carts?

Magnitude carts are made by PharmaCann. This company was founded in 2014, and it has offices and manufacturing facilities in states like Colorado, New York, Illinois, and Massachusetts. PharmaCann also owns cannabis dispensaries, such as Verilife and LivWell.

How Strong are Magnitude Carts?

Each cartridge comes with 1,000 mg (or 1 gram) of THC. So, they’re perfect for cannabis enthusiasts who know how much to take to feel high. If you’re a newbie, you may want to vape Magnitude in smaller increments.

Magnitude carts use a variety of strains, including Cherry Kush, Sour Diesel, and Platinum Jack Live. The company is producing new cart flavors and strains to make it easier to get high. So, stay tuned to see which new carts will be available soon.

How Many Magnitude Carts Should I Take?

Because of their potency, you should only use one Magnitude cartridge at a time. These carts should help you feel high for up to three hours, depending on the strain and your tolerance level. If you want to use multiple Magnitude carts, we recommend waiting until you stop feeling high from the first one, and to use different strains.

Magnitude Cannabis Review

According to users, Magnitude cannabis is ultra smooth and very easy to use. These carts are designed to be as enjoyable as possible, and most users agree that they’re far better than the competition. Some users say the high doesn’t last too long, but again, it depends on your tolerance and the exact strain. Not all strains will interact with your body the same way.

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Where to Buy Magnitude Cannabis Products in Colorado?

Magnitude carts are pretty easy to find in Colorado. However, not all dispensaries carry each strain, so you have to call ahead. You can also visit the PharmaCann website to find locations selling Magnitude cartridges.

Buy Magnitude Carts From AMCH in Denver, Colorado

AMCH is proud to feature vape cartridges from many high-quality companies, including PharmaCann. We are also one of the company’s partners, meaning we receive new flavors and strains as they’re developed. If you’re already a Magnitude fan, check out our dispensary to buy these new strains when they’re released.

In addition to carts, we have pre-rolls, buds, concentrates, and edibles to help you get high. We cater to cannabis connoisseurs, and we’re happy to help newbies discover the strains that work best for them. Come on down to AMCH in Denver and explore our wide selection of products and accessories.

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