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Kanha Edibles

KANHA is a brand name for a line of award-winning THC gummies that have taken the edibles industry by storm. The shelves of dispensaries in Colorado, California, Massachusetts, and Nevada feature different types and flavors. What distinguishes Kanha cannabis infused gummies from the rest is the use of high-quality cannabis oils and fast-acting ingredients.


Kanha Edibles Reviews

I'm very happy with the purchase and will continue to buy them. Highly recommend buying them.

dieseldogg824 Review via Reddit

Not your normal gummy flavors either. I had the plum and I was impressed.

Sirtriplenipple Review via Reddit

Be it a hike or jamming through some emails, you can expect even, focused and uplifting effects that switch gears to calm and relax you on the comedown.

Scott Hadinger Review via A Proper High

Kanha Edibles:

Product Specs

Types of Kanha THC Gummies

There is no shortage of types and flavors of edibles to choose from. Select Kanha cannabis infused gummies, Nano gummies, and Nano Vegan gummies to satisfy your urge for weed you can eat. Vegans love the fact that there are Blood Orange Bliss Nano Vegan Gummies (10-pack), Ginger Pear Nano Vegan Gummies (10-pack), and other flavors.

Kanha Edibles FAQs

Who makes Kanha Edibles?

The blissful and fast-acting treats are produced by Sunderstorm, a well-known California-based cannabis company. So far, the company has introduced over 25 types of juicy THC candies, including two highly potent variations called Kahna cannabis-infused belts. Launching the Kanha CBD gummies line is proof the creators are catering to everyone.

How are Kanha THC gummies made?

To ensure consumers can embark on a safe, joyful, and blissful journey, the makers of the delicious edibles infuse Kanha gummies ingredients with the highest quality cannabis oils. The all-natural, pesticide-free products have to pass rigorous safety tests before hitting the shelves.

Are Kahna gummies Vegan?

The edibles are made from all-natural ingredients, contain zero pesticides, and are gluten-free. See the package label for more.

Will Kanha Edibles make me high?

Each chewy delight is infused with 10mg THC but is supplied as two half doses of 5mg each. Once taken in small doses, consumers should be able to experience the intended therapeutic benefits without any unwanted side effects.

How many Kanha gummies should I take?

Adult-use dosage varies from one person to another. Beginners and low-tolerance consumers may opt for one-half (5mg) and increases as needed. The Kanha Nano gummies are formulated for rapid onset. According to the company’s website, the edibles can start taking effect as quickly as 15 minutes after consumption.

What consumers have to say about Kanha Gummies

Sunderstorm is confident it has one of (if not) the best-tasting and fast-acting gummies in the industry. Weedmaps reviewers absolutely raved about Kanha cannabis infused sativa gummies, saying things like, “strongest gummies I’ve encountered.” “…very balanced not too weedy.” “1, 2 puts you at the right high.” “Excellent on taste, effect and cost.” Ready to experience the bliss?

Where to Buy Kanha Gummies in Colorado

If you haven’t yet tasted the bliss or are craving more, AMCH can be your go-to dispensary not only for Kanha, but a host of other premium quality cannabis products. We’ve got the best marijuana strains, pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, and more.

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