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Looking for cannabis products for sale from Green Dot Labs? Here, all of your Green Dot Labs strains are in one place! Green Dot Labs was founded in Boulder, CO in 2014. Besides cultivating memorable cannabis strains, Green Dot Labs is also the first AND longest-running regulated business ANYWHERE to focus on cannabis extracts – yet another reason to pick up your Green Dot Labs cartridge at AMCH today.

Green Dot Labs


Green Dot Labs Reviews

best concentrate around - I've tried concentrates from Colorado California nevada and Oregon noone come even remotely close to Green Dots Labs potency and flavor cant wait till I get my hands on some of their flower 🤤

fredcalderon369 Weedmaps Review

One of my favorite Carts period. - Like the title says I love these bad boys. Get yourself a garlic banger one if you get the chance!

chadimuspryme Weedmaps Review

Green Dot Labs has the highest quality cartridges I've ever tried... I'm extremely impressed with the flavor and how it hits, it's the closest to a sauce dab on the go you can get.

StaticxXLSDMTHC Reddit Thread

Awesome product. Hits hard. Taste delicious. Nice hardware. Great job Green Dot.

El1Tecmo Weedmaps Review

Green Dot Labs:

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Read on and find out why AMCH is worth visiting over any other regional cannabis shop for your Green Dot Labs battery, Green Dot Labs pen, Green Dot Labs cartridge and more!

What Is Green Dot Labs?

Green Dot Labs is most famous for their Black Label line. Their website states: “family founded and operated, we are dedicated to the idea that extracts are the purest expression of cannabis, a true reflection of the plant’s vivid flavor profiles and incredible wellness benefits.” Check out all the numerous Green Dot Labs offerings carried by AMCH on their menu here.

Green Dot Labs Review

Currently, the Green Dot vape pen is all the rage. First, buy your Green Dot vape battery at AMCH, get a Green Dot labs cartridge, and then you’re all ready to go with your Green Dot vape pen! Green Dot vape product reviews include praises touted as such: “Green Dot Labs carry 150+ rare and exclusive varietals, an endless variety of flavors and effects in several finishes and formats.”

Where to Buy Green Dot Labs Products in Colorado

Looking for your next Green Dot labs cartridge or Green Dot labs pen? Living in Denver and ready to make your trip to AMCH to try Green Dot labs strains? AMCH is located at 1301 N. Marion St., Denver, CO 80218. Directions from mid Denver to AMCH can be found here.

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Call an AMCH budtender with any questions ahead of time at 720-961-0560!

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