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Dialed In Gummies

Highly recommended by our dispensary staff, Dialed In gummies are small-batch, live-rosin gummies you can’t help but love. These flavorful gummies are terpene-rich, which is a rarity with a lot of edibles but means you get more of a full-spectrum experience. Take a closer look at Dialed In gummies below.

Dialed in gummies


Dialed In Gummies Reviews

They are the best gummies I have had and I would consider myself somewhat of a gummie aficionado.

Locol_Love_BigK Review via Reddit

They’re definitely the best I’ve had. In taste, and in effect.

newshirtworthy Review via Reddit

I eat them every night and see them as the industry standard for solvent less gummies

Review via Reddit

Dialed In Gummies:

Product Specs

Dialed In gummies are cannabis-infused edibles made by Dialed In, a Colorado-based manufacturer. With a passion for creating superior extracts, Dialed In uses solventless hash created using only ice water, heat, and pressure. Each gummy from Dialed In is made with solventless live rosin and created with a sous vide process to preserve all those flavorful terpenes that are often lost in extraction and infusion. This means each full-spectrum gummy is as closely modeled after the natural cannabis plant as possible.

The Dialed In Gummies Product Line

Dialed In has one of the most extensive collections of live rosin gummies available from any brand. However, they recently added a new product to their lineup, Dialed In liquid gummies, which is a cannabis-infused syrup great for micro-dosing or adding to drinks. The product line from Dialed In includes:

  • Dialed In Live Rosin Gummies (recreational batches) – Dank Andy, Monkey Grapes, Cake Crunch, Lava Cake, and more
  • Dialed In Live Rosin Gummies (medical batches) – Wine Spritzer, Bennifer Shrimpo, Free Granny Kisses, and more
  • Dialed In Liquid Gummies – Kush Mints, Banana Punch, Punch Mints, and more

How potent are Dialed In gummies?

The potency of Dialed In gummies can vary depending on the specific product. For example, most medical batch gummies have 50mg of THC per serving, while recreational batch gummies contain 10mg of THC per gummy. Liquid gummy bottles contain 100mg THC per container or 10mg per suggested serving. Be sure to look at the specifics of any given product.

How many Dialed In gummies do I take?

This can depend on the customer. If you are comfortable taking THC gummies, you may be fine with more than one. However, if you are new to THC gummies, it is best to start with the lowest dose possible. Always take into consideration your personal sensitivity to THC, your experience, and the potency of the product.

Are Dialed In Solventless Gummies vegan?

Dialed In gummies do contain gelatin. Therefore, they are not considered vegan. However, Dialed In liquid gummies do not contain animal-derived products and are considered vegan.

Dialed In Gummies Reviews

Dialed In gummy reviews are pretty much top-notch no matter where you look. Reddit reviewers mention that the gummies are an excellent choice if you prefer a high-end edible, and completely worth the price in terms of potency and flavor.

Where to Buy Dialed In Gummies in Colorado

Dialed In gummies are available in 366 dispensaries in 75 Colorado cities. You can find Dialed In products at both recreational and medical dispensaries.

Get Dialed In Gummies at AMCH

At AMCH, we pride ourselves on serving both recreational and medical customers with excellent product selections, and that includes Dialed In gummies and products. If you would like to try Dialed In gummies, be sure to take a look at our dispensary menu for online ordering or visit our Denver dispensary.

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