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710 Labs, a Los Angeles-based cannabis company that started in Boulder, Colorado, is known for its small-batch, hand-trimmed, organic cannabis. 710 labs vape pens and pods feature some of the hand-selected exotic strains the company seeks from the most renowned breeders. Its product lineup continues to evolve, with 710 labs cart offerings and live resin vape pen that have elevated the company’s status as a pioneering cannabis extract company.

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710 Labs:

Product Line

The 710 Labs product line includes:

  • Live Resin Pod: Enjoy live resin with a dab on the go, .5 g
  • Persy Pod: Fully solventless rosin pods, made with our persy rosin
  • Vape Cartridge, .5 g, 1 g
  • Solvent Extracts
    • Sauce, 1 g
    • Badder, 1 g
    • Sugar, 1 g
  • Flower, 3.5 g, 14 g
  • Pre-roll Joints, 1 g
  • Gummi
  • RSO, 1 g

710 Labs FAQs

What is different about 710 Labs products?

The award-winning 710 Labs distinguishes itself with the most flavorful, organic, natural, pesticide-free cannabis offered in its vape products. The company’s small batch, hand-trimmed process used to cultivate its cannabis compliments it vapes, with no distillate and no alterations. The vape is a high terpene fraction of 710 Labs’ live resin extract. The company uses only the highest quality medical-grade materials without heavy metal leaching into the hash. The 710 labs battery used with the vapes leads the company to characterize the product as the cleanest vape in the business.

710 Labs also offers other products, including gummies, RSO, flower and pre-rolled joints.

How does 710 labs price its products?

Because of the small-batch process used, 710 Labs notes that natural variations occur in each batch. As a result, the product is priced based on the quality of each batch, its yield and cultivar demand, using four tiers. Tier 1 represents the very best quality of all other tiers.

710 Labs Reviews

The 710 Labs pods are a popular offering, with users praising them as the only disposable they have experienced that hit like a rig. The taste is clean, without any other flavors emerging other than the dabs. Some of the 710 Labs product users urge the company to create larger units in their disposables so they can enjoy them longer.

The company also is praised for the premium quality of its pure live resin and the design of its pods, which some reviewers complimented as a good build. Some reviews highlight 710 Labs’ specific process for growing and extracting its concentrates, leaving the products organic and pesticide-free.

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Where to Buy 710 Labs in Denver?

710 Labs products are sold in dispensaries located in Colorado and in other states, including Alternative Medicine Capitol Hill in Denver.

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Alternative Medicine Capitol Hill (AMCH) serves both medical and recreational customers with an impressive lineup of highly quality flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles and more. The dispensary is considered among the best in Colorado, with praise for its customer service and frequent deals.

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